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Ariane Kipp + Cris Koch

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28 June 2024 19:00–23:00 29 June 2024 12:00–23:00 30 June 2024 12:00–19:00
The double exhibition SILENT PAPER CITY NOISE by the artists Cris Koch and Ariane Kipp presents their interpretations of the theme of “Urban Silence”. SILENT PAPER CITY NOISE gives a voice to the silent medium of advertising posters collected in urban spaces. His diverse messages, sometimes louder like Kipp's and sometimes quieter like Koch's, sometimes break the silence with humor, irony and provocations or stimulate thought.

Cris Koch works with the technique of décollage. To do this, he travels through European cities and cuts out selected segments from billboards and advertising pillars. In a mixture of destruction and creation, he draws on the vast cosmos of advertising in public spaces.
Back in the studio, he assembles these excerpts into new images, creating new compositions and meanings. His works are as abstract as they are figurative and play with colors, shapes and textures. The actual advertising message is fragmented and deleted. His works should be seen as a commentary on the overstimulation of our society and question the influence of consumer culture on our daily lives.

For Ariane Kipp, the advertising poster material is the urban material of everyday life, which is present always and everywhere. The artist selects the posters on the streets of Berlin and tears down entire billboards with several layers. Ariane Kippe digs through the layers of posters like an archaeologist through word fragments, images, symbols and logos. They are torn or cut up and put together associatively to form new sentences, ironic jokes or provocative slogans. The result is light, floating, polychrome sculptures that radiate a special aesthetic and elegance.

A guided meditation on urban silence takes place on Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Saturday at 9 p.m. the Berlin sound artist Juri Marr will play a live set


Ariane Kipp + Cris Koch

Ariane Kipp,
born in Munich in 1977, lives and works in Berlin Neukölln.
The trained sculptor focuses on 3-dimensional sculptures, which she creates from advertising posters. Posters, carefully selected on the street, are dismantled, torn, into fragments and fragments. By assembling ironic, sarcastic and provocative scraps of words, polychrome and very colorful works are created.

Cris Koch,
born in 1975 in Neustadt/Aisch, lives and works in Munich. The trained typesetter and studied artist cuts out selected segments from billboards, advertising pillars and construction fences in public spaces. He then mounts these billboard prints on canvas in the studio.


Kopfstrasse 59
12053 Berlin

Studio Ariane Kipp




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