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Skin handover

Zélie Dartus-Parraud

Barrierefreier Zugang
29 June 2024 15:00–19:00 30 June 2024 15:00–19:00
Urban spaces hold room for the development of skin diseases. Fungi infections, eczema, allergic reactions inhabit the surface of our body. Creating a space for non-medical care and exchange, this performance brings to the fore the inarticulate voices of our wounds.

Length 3 hours, every day.

Instructions: The participant is invited to enter a quiet room (where other works on the theme of urban silence are on display).

Sit on the first bench and close your eyes. For a few minutes, feel part(s) of your bodies where there is pain, tension, or no sensation. Notice what holds your attention.

Sit in front of the performer. Put your hands in the bucket filled with betadine. Take the time to feel the liquid on your skin. Touch the area of their body corresponding to the one where you felt or felt nothing. Feel the energy flowing in and out. Stay as long as you like on that area.
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Zélie Dartus-Parraud

Zélie Dartus-Parraud is a white non-binary artist living in Germany. They produce porn and documentaries as a filmmaker and director. Recently, they have been focusing on durational performances, which they believe enable political and ethical transformations of the violated human and non-human bodies shown in their films.


Karl Marx Straße 127
12043 Berlin

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Barrierefreier Zugang