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Voiced Silence. Collage storytelling

Vladimir Kordiukov

28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 12:00–23:30 30 June 2024 12:00–19:00
In the project "Voiced Silence" the city plays a pivotal role as an integral backdrop for Vladimir Kordiukov's collage narratives and artifacts steeped in silence. The city becomes not merely a background for unfolding events, but rather a stage where life with its sounds and emotions converges, leaving behind only an echo - the silence that speaks of the past.

Collage storytelling is a creative process that involves gathering and arranging diverse visual elements to convey emotionally rich narratives. Vladimir Kordiukov employs this method to craft new narratives or reinterpret existing ones, doing so visually persuasively and poignantly. Within Kordiukov's collages, the city becomes not only an environment for stories but an active participant in the project. Each collage resonates with urban life, from snippets of newspaper headlines to fragments of street scenes. These elements serve as reminders that every object, no matter how small, carries its own history intertwined with the rhythms of urban hustle and bustle.

Ultimately, "Voiced Silence" transcends being a mere collection of silent moments in life; it immerses viewers in the essence of urban culture and its continuous flow of life through the lens of visual art and collage storytelling.
The project is presented at two festival sites to observe stories in different environments:
1. The Square, coffee shop, Wildenbruchstr. 88, 12045 Berlin
2. The space on Pannierstr. 57, 12047 Berlin


Vladimir Kordiukov

Vladimir Korduikov is an interdisciplinary artist, jewelry artist, painter, graphic artist, sculptor who combines various plastic media in his visual language. His style is clearly influenced by the postmodern era, there are echoes of Suprematist studies of form and color, and there is a connection to cubism. The main method of creating works is mixing materials while maintaining the image plane. The volumetry of the work is determined by the relief of the surface, which gives spatiality to the perception of the art object.


Pannistraße 57
12047 Berlin

pannierstraße 57