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(Other) Voices of Berlin

Victoria Llorente and Raquel González

28 June 2024 19:00–23:59 29 June 2024 10:00–23:59 30 June 2024 10:00–19:00
“(Other) Voices of Berlin” is a participatory installation that delves into the contemporary challenges of migration and cultural relocation by exploring the subjective construction of Berlin as a city. Through an exploration of the auditory landscape of the city, Spanish artists Victoria Llorente and Raquel González investigate the intricate interplay between Berlin and its migrant inhabitants, drawing upon their own sensitivity and personal experiences.
In the turmoil of global connections, the artists reflect on how their identity intertwines with that of the city of Berlin. Their own identity as migrants is constantly blurred and reconstructed, a movement that at the same time shapes the subjective experiences that make the city of Berlin. A phenomenon in which the city itself seems to vanish in its own noise.
Driven by the feeling of loneliness and rootlessness of their condition as migrants, the piece embodies the common search for a home, a refuge, a "third space" on the road between Berlin and Madrid. To reconnect with the roots of their home, the artists recover the image of the tapestry, a decorative element that retains warmth, but also allows to set physical limits for imaginary boundaries. The new home, constructed by the artists by stitching and sewing together scraps of memories, becomes a mantle, a cloth that shelters them, a skin that supplants human warmth.
In the process, the memories of their home in Spain intertwine with the memories constructed while walking through the Neukölln neighborhood. Each stitch is part of a slow process of constant repair and healing necessary for the construction of a new home. Is this weaving that joins the web of experiences that make Berlin a living organism, and from this new home, the artists counteract the deafening noise of Berlin, as a third place where the voices of young artists and immigrants can be heard.


Victoria Llorente and Raquel González

-Victoria Llorente explores in her detailed drawings and installations, using ethereal materials, immersive experiences that interpret historical richness in a contemporary manner. She sees the past as a guide for our collective future and aims to reconcile traditional craftsmanship with modern perspectives.

-Raquel González examines how art shapes our perception of social spaces. Through her interventions, she questions norms, transforms individual experiences into collective reflections, and focuses on memories, intimacy, and rituals. The goal is to establish a meaningful connection between artwork and viewer and to reflect societal identity concerns in an ever-changing world.


Mittelweg 50, DG
12053 Berlin

BluAbis Kunst und Production House