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Echoes of Belonging

Maria Paola Paulis; Andrea Rivas.

28 June 2024 20:00–20:30 28 June 2024 22:00–22:30 29 June 2024 20:00–20:30 29 June 2024 22:00–22:30
Other venues: Ev. Brudergemeine. Uhrzeit: 29.06: 16:00-16:30; 30.06: 17:00-17:30.
"Echoes of Belonging" aims to express through improvised movement the feelings and experiences that the urban area of Neukölln can give to its visitors. it potentially can offer dialogue for the exploration of the concerns and impact of belonging, identity, and cultural assimilation Ultimately, "Echoes of Belonging" seeks to provide to its audience empathy and understanding of the transformative power of cultural exchange that Neukölln offers.
The performance initiates with an interactive session inviting the audience to share with the performers a maximum of three words that come into their mind thinking about the neighbourhood of Neukölln and write them on a paper. The performers will randomly pick one paper each (meaning three words each) and start to improvise movement that encapsulates their own physical interpretations of the words (ca. 10 mins/word). The performers will move within the perimeter of two-high-walled movable boxes having names of streets, squares, markets of Neukölln written on top. The main role of the two walls will be to symbolise the borders of Neukölln throughout the performance. They have the potential to represent both calmness and, at times, an overwhelming environment, evoking either a sense of tranquillity or confusion, contingent upon the interpreter’s perception of the picked words. The improvised movement performed will focus on contrasting movement qualities and gestures, going from soft, controlled and sustained to sharp, rapid and fluid movement. Furthermore, it will include moments of interaction with the symbolic walls, which will help to guide the audience through the multiple meanings that the performance can offer. The sound utilised for the whole performance will be sound recorded in the streets of Neukölln, including silent and very busy places.


Maria Paola Paulis; Andrea Rivas.

Paola Paulis (IT) and Andrea Rivas (MX) are two dance performers, creatives and facilitators. They both have degrees in contemporary dance and choreography and have performed and choreographed various dance pieces in Malta, Germany and Mexico. Andrea and Paola's artistic visions focus on multidisciplinary works involving movement sound, video installations and photography and they enjoy working with improvised movement to develop a rich choreography that invites the audience to reflect on social issues while providing an enjoyable aesthetic experience.


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