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Yedam Ann

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 14:00–22:00 30 June 2024 14:00–19:00
Some words are spoken almost inaudible as if the mouth doesn't move. Even if the words are not spoken directly before somebody, they still reach them. It's easier to plug the ears, but the sounds they already heard remain in their body. The speaker can simply escape from the blame, with a defence that he or she had no malicious intent or didn't know it was wrong.

Discrimination is not just about punching someone in the face, paying less, saying Ching chang chong, making slanted eyes and mocking them. Some aggressions slither calmly, disguised with a smile.

The artist, who worked as a bartender, met a wide variety of people in the bar. The artist had many conversations and heard many talks. Concurrently, she was extremely otherized and easily measured. The artist has collected the words strewed.

"Hörbar" invites the audience to the bar, surrounded by the stories that the artist has experienced as an object standing at the bar. Friendly, non-aggressive and discriminatory words in various languages are audible but unlistenable. During the performance, which takes place once a day, audiences can order drinks designed by the artist and chat freely. In the scene of work, the audience personates a speaker or listener.


Yedam Ann

Yedam Ann is an artist based in Berlin. She explores the essentialization of space and humans by observing city experiences. Her current artistic research approaches urban life and therefrom extended digital environment.
She explores new forms of life that have emerged due to the development of telecommunication and transportation technologies, such as the precariat, the humanization of machines, the mechanization of humans, and the digital diaspora. Rather than fearing the existing technology-based and technology-dependent infrastructure or seeking a retreat for defence, she seeks a course to move forward, and ways to break down the discrimination through the technologies. Her interests are translated into the video, space installation and performance.


Am Südhaus
12053 Berlin





Barrierefreier Zugang