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Life sucks, so come here

Anna Maria Roznowska, Melihsub, Laurean Wagner, Ana Maria Chiquita, Julian Moritz, Hannah Gebhardt.

Barrierefreie Toilette
28 June 2024 19:00 – 29 June 2024 00:00 29 June 2024 12:00 – 30 June 2024 00:00 30 June 2024 14:00–19:00
Life can be challenging, so let's explore a giant installation where stereotypical norms are turned upside down. In a world where everything is taken for granted, we refuse to be silent. In this realm of urban experiences, we want to shake the quiet whispers of complacency and force people to engage in dialog.

In Anna Maria Roznowska's photographs, she reverses the stereotypical dynamic between BIPoC and white people. White men are shown doing activities such as preparing kebabs for Turkish men, white men are shown smoking Hookah, and black men relax in soccer lounges and are served by white men who in turn work as dishwashers.

„I always wanted to say that the reality is different, but then I worked in a soccer stadium and at different events, and I saw who ended up washing the dishes. That was sad. So I decided not to keep quiet. As a conclusion from this: to change society, we need to redefine our viewing habits or create images that make us reflect.“

In Roznowska's films, she also subverts stereotypes, for example in a film in which a man is artificially made to cry after seven years without tears. Through these portrayals, she challenges traditional gender roles and offers a new perspective on the different abilities and roles of individuals in society.

The vulnerability and subversion of stereotypical roles are also expressed through the operatic performances of Ana Maria Chiquita, challenging conventional norms. Born in Romania and raised in Germany, she provocatively confronts us with stereotypes about her home country.

Laurean Wagner and Julian Moritz set to captivate us with a performance that delves into a dark, loud, apocalyptic world, where stereotypes stop to exist.

Melihsub and friends are gearing up for several electric live sets featuring a diverse timetable - a wild ride through a post-apocalyptic sound landscape. Polarity flips, funky glitches, versatile acts and tricks that mess with your senses.

So get ready, suckers!
We will enter a new world.


Anna Maria Roznowska, Melihsub, Laurean Wagner, Ana Maria Chiquita, Julian Moritz, Hannah Gebhardt.

Anna Maria Roznowska is a Berlin-based artist and filmmaker. Her movie BABY BITCHKA received multiple award nominations. Her interdisciplinary approach combines various elements of art to create socially critical installations.
Melihsub, a music producer and DJ from Neukölln, focuses on minimalist and experimental compositions. Laurean Wagner is an actor and performer. Laurean's film ATOMEN (Kate Cragg) has been shown at the Berlinale, for instance. Julian Moritz, also a Berlin native, has acted in both film and theater, including at venues like Sophiensaele. Ana Maria Chiquita, a soul and jazz singer active in the queer scene, has worked at Ballhaus Naunynstraße and is active at the Deutsche Oper. Hannah Gebhardt is a costume designer who also works at the Deutsche Oper.


Boddinstraße 60
12053 Berlin





Barrierefreie Toilette