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LIMBO - Part I, A Living-room Without Walls

Madalena Wallenstein de Castro

Barrierefreier Zugang Barrierefreie Toilette
28 June 2024 19:00 – 30 June 2024 19:00 29 June 2024 15:00–18:00 30 June 2024 15:00–18:00
LIMBO is the result of a daily confrontation with a social problem that has bothered me for a long time because I have always lived there, where it could not be ignored. The discrimination and invisibility of homeless people has always disturbed me and that gave me the impulse to dedicate myself to this issue through an artistic project.

My research is based on personal contacts with affected people, other artists, scientists and activists who deal with the topic. This process is therefore slow and quite unpredictable - so I decided to run the project over a longer period of time and divide it into three main phases.

With Part I - A Living-room Without Walls, I am in the first phase.
A living room is “a kind of borderland between private and public space”, open to “both intimate personal reflection and explicit external expression”*1.
My work hereby realizes itself as a transdisciplinary spatial installation and combines several levels. As a place of stillness, it offers a certain intimacy by allowing people to stroll through auditory and visual elements. At the same time, the space opens up for conversations and you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the affected people and activists I have invited to participate in the project.

This installation is an invitation to reflect about homelessness from the perspective of FINTA*2 people in order to open up a discourse about it. I am particularly interested in facilitating the communication between affected and non-affected people. My living room is therefore a space for exchange and aims to make this problem visible.

Quote from "Jana Sophia Nolle: Living Room", by Aaron Schuman

The term FINTA* includes all persons who identify as female; intersex; non-binary; trans or agender.


Madalena Wallenstein de Castro

My name is Madalena Wallenstein de Castro, I am a visual artist and I am in the final phase of my M.A. in Stage Design at the UdK Berlin. My practice started in Lisbon and since then I have been working parallel to my studies on different projects between Berlin and Lisbon. I work transdisciplinary between visual and performing arts with a focus on space. My work takes different forms, depending on the needs of each project. Examples are room installations, performances, stage sets in traditional theatre spaces, video works or even workshops. Now I am mainly focussing on the work I am showing in this festival. At the same time, I am developing the work with the collective that I co-founded with two friends in 2021 - the PAM! Collective.


Weichselplatz 33-36
12045 Berlin





Barrierefreier Zugang Barrierefreie Toilette