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Agata Hörttrich, Emma Hutton

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28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 10:00–22:00 30 June 2024 10:00–19:00
STILL FIGHTING is an experimental video installation about the feeling of being in danger and the question of how it is possible to defend oneself against it. The short film was created from a written and visual exchange between two friends. The letters were combined with film footage that is over half a century old. The finished work reproduces excerpts from a 1972 American educational film on self-defence for women, along with our questions, fears and frustrations. We are still fighting.

Our video installation deals with silent fear and silent resilience and is meant to be seen from the street. The work is designed to be read without sound. Writing and reading can be silent but powerful forms of resistance.

"What interests me are those forms of nonviolent resistance that mobilise vulnerability for the purposes of asserting existence... for trans people in many places in the world and women who seek to walk the street at night in safety, the moment of actively appearing on the street involves a deliberate risk of exposure to force. Under certain conditions, continuing to exist, to move, and to breathe are forms of resistance." Judith Butler, 'Rethinking Vulnerability and Resistance', 2016


Agata Hörttrich, Emma Hutton

Agata Hörttrich (*1997 Lugano, Switzerland) and Emma Hutton (*1987 London, United Kingdom) are multimedia artists living in Berlin. They work across different media and materials, from video art to installation, to drawing and sculpture. Working together for the first time, this project explores themes already present in their repertoires: Fragility, resistance, invisibility and physicality. Their individual artworks have been exhibited at: Kunstraum Potsdamer Str. (2022, 2023), Scherben (2023), Culterim Gallery (2023), After the Butcher (2023). Instagram: @spat_ash and @e_hutton_


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