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Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi, Alexandre Liberato

28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 15:00–21:00 30 June 2024 14:00–18:00
Duo Exhibition by Filippo M. Ceredi and Alexandre Liberato
Photographs and video projections

28.06, 7-10 PM (Oppening)
29.06, 3-9 PM (Performative Intervention ‘Silent Landscape’ 5 PM)
30.06, 2-6 PM

Urban silence is experienced by Ceredi and Liberato as a state of mind that allows them to abstract from the frenzy of everyday life and contemplate the city through different eyes. Urban sounds are an integral part of the diversity and freedom of living in a city, and both artists accept and incorporate them into their practice. Whether through Ceredi's blurred or sometimes soundless videos or Liberato's subliminal photographs of construction sites throughout the city, this exhibition aims to show artworks that engage with urban sounds but go beyond them, finding silences that allow us to enter a state of contemplation. This form of being present is both the consequence and the origin of a new sensibility that rethinks our way of belonging and interacting in society.

Ceredi's "Meditation" series was realized in Berlin and its surroundings, on wandering days, alone through urban landscapes and green paths. They belong to a time of reflection, when life and death had to find a form of being together. Silence and contemplative states were a common frame for the realization of these videos, a way to expand time and find peace of mind.

Liberato relates urban silence to a state of inner calm that allows us to abstract the characteristic sounds of the city, reaching a state of subliminal silence that allows us to contemplate urban life as a way of regenerating the old while building the new. The photographic project on urban construction sites and the fabric screens that surround them captures this state of mind and is a metaphor for the work of nurturing cities, as well as those of us who inhabit them.


Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi, Alexandre Liberato

Filippo M. Ceredi is an Italian author, performer and visual artist based in Berlin. He graduated in Philosophy in Milan and began his audiovisual career as an assistant director to Marco Bechis and as a freelance videomaker. Since the beginning of his artistic path, he has been interested in archives, documentary style and multimedia language as means to activate memory, connecting personal and collective spheres.

Alexandre Liberato (*1981, Lisbon) is a Portuguese visual artist based in Berlin. He holds a BA (Hons) in Architecture from the Technical University of Lisbon (2005) and attended CREART Labs in Barcelona (2017). Liberato’s project focuses on geometry and the body, creating an abstract inclusive space to exist, to contemplate the sublime - a sensibility that touches everyone equa


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