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Urban Landscapes: Greece

Stephanie Bock

Barrierefreier Zugang
28 June 2024 19:00–22:00 29 June 2024 11:00–20:00 30 June 2024 11:00–19:00
The urban space has a special effect when houses close together climb a slope. From a certain perspective (e.g. from one hill to the other) streets, squares and open spaces cannot be seen. The city seems to be a quiet and deserted place. This draws attention to the urban structure, which is often chaotic; buildings from different eras appear to be nested together. It remains unclear what life looks like behind these facades. The viewer may ask the question: Who lives behind these windows? Do the residents have enough space to live? Do I want to live here?
As part of the festival, paintings (acrylic on canvas) with impressions of different greek cities will be shown: Athens, Kerkyra, Kavala.


Stephanie Bock

Stephanie Bock's paintings focus primarily on urban landscapes. On her travels she looks for the typical colors and shapes in large and smaller cities. An interesting section is first captured photographically and later converted into paintings. Every city has its own color! The paintings are a mixture of abstraction and realistic representation, with the focus on graphically interesting details.


Mareschstr. 4
12055 Berlin

LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum




Barrierefreier Zugang