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  • Installation

Life in Plastic

Rita Eperjesi, Ariel Doron, Mario Guzman, Zainab Tariq, Christian Kokott

29 June 2024 12:00–20:00 30 June 2024 12:00–18:00
There is a group of people, who are part of our urban landscape, witnessing everything that happens on the street, and no matter what, they keep doing their jobs without saying a word.
The mannequins.
They try to look like humans.
They try to promote products.
They try to sell the dream of a happier life.
Do they succeed? I'm not sure.
Isn’t it fascinating how these mannequins try to act as real humans, and how beautifully they fail?
In the age of photoshop, social media, artificial intelligence, fake news, deepfake, virtual reality, chat GPT, when the competition in the world is about how pixels can feel more real,
these plastic figures stand with full confidence in every shop window of Sonnenallee, without noticing the irony, the careless courage, and the honesty of their communication:
They are here to sell you something.
I often try to imagine myself in their situation.
This is something I do a lot. It is my hobby to walk in Neukölln to look for new compositions, 
I even started a not too popular Instagram account called @facesofsonnenallee.

Probably it tells something about society how we treat things that look like humans
but they are not.
We can easily find patterns talking about gender roles, relationships, capitalism, dreams, hopes, being and not being human.

I want to share my love of the mannequins of Neukölln with the wider audience by inviting visitors to see the world through the perspective of a mannequin.


Rita Eperjesi, Ariel Doron, Mario Guzman, Zainab Tariq, Christian Kokott

Rita Eperjesi is a Berlin based Hungarian new media artist, creative technologist and concept creative. She lives in Neukölln for 6 years and her deep and weird fascination for the mannequins of Sonnenallee was the starting point for this project.
She works with a lovely team of fellow neuköllners:
- Ariel Doron is a puppet artist, director and performer.
- Mario Guzman is an experimental writer and media artist, working with algorythmic literature and robotics.
- Zainab Tariq is a creative technologist and front-end developer.
- Christian Kokott is crafting interactive experiences, including educational games, sound installations and commercial video games.


Karl-Marx-Straße 95
12043 Berlin



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